Kingdom Under Fire - Circle of Doom (Xbox 360)
  • Kingdom Under Fire - Circle of Doom (Xbox 360)

Kingdom Under Fire - Circle of Doom (Xbox 360)

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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is an Action RPG game based on the universe of Kingdom Under Fire series. Where as the previous Kingdom Under Fire series were Action RTS titles that recreated realistic fantasy battlefields of massive scale, Circle of Doom focuses on the development of one character with easy-to-learn game system and control mechanics.

The words Action and RPG may sound familiar to many gamers, but Circle of Doom is filled with never-before-imagined innovation and fresh ideas. Players will explore randomly generated vast dungeons and face off monsters swarming the screen in thousands and attacking from all directions along the floors, walls, and ceilings of the dungeons.

Fast and blood-thirsty action where stylish fighting moves are executed by easy and intuitive control.

Realistic characters, spectacular effects, massive scale, all rendered with cutting-edge technology.

Choose from a cast of 6 unique characters with different combat styles and abilities.

Each character can perform a great variety of combos with 5~6 different types of weapons.

Find, learn, craft, and trade 50+ abilities, 60+ spells, and infinite combinations of weapon + ability + spell.

Travel through different dimensions, from inside of a gigantic living creature to a spiraling tower filled with lava.

Everything players see in the environment can be destroyed.

Wipe out thousands of grotesque monsters of 70+ types attacking the player from floor, wall, and ceiling.

Randomly generated maps will create a fresh new experience every single time.

Single and multiplayer modes are seamlessly merged. (Xbox Live required for multiplayer.)

Play alone, or recruit a 4-player party and continue the quest without switching modes.

Take a single-player character to the party quest, or create a new one with useful skills to compliment the party.

Party players will be awarded with powerful artifacts that are not available in single mode.

Trade custom-crafted items and weapons with other party members.