Farscape - Season 3 - Vol. 1 (2 DVD)
  • Farscape - Season 3 - Vol. 1 (2 DVD)

Farscape - Season 3 - Vol. 1 (2 DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Kesto: 4 h 42 min. Ikäraja: 16
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Season Of Death Crichton lies on the operating table having lost his mind and his love. Scorpius attempts a brave escape, but the crew of Moya stand between him and his exit. As things become desperate for all concerned, an unexpected ally arrives.
Suns & Lovers With Moya tethered to a damaged commerce station, and in great danger from the solar storms outside, it will take the whole of Moya’s crew working together to escape. But one of them has experienced the ultimate betrayal by those closest to him.
Self-Inflicted Wounds Part I: Could’a, Would’a, Should’a. Moya is seriously injured when a wormhole opens and a ship spears the Leviathan vessel. As the two crews converge, it is revealed that only some of them can survive if they do separate the vessels. And as Moya is the most damaged, it remains the obvious choice.
Self-Inflicted Wounds Part II: Wait for the Wheel. Moya remains trapped in the wormhole, and her crew must abandon her before they all perish. Then disturbing evidence comes to light that affects everyone’s decision - but it may be too late to save the doomed Moya.
Different Destinations A visit to a memorial site proves to be less restful than hoped for when Crichton, Stark, Aeryn and Jool are transported back in time to the battle that inspired the site. In terrible danger, their actions have a deadly effect through time.