Assassins Creed III - Washington Edition (PS3)
  • Assassins Creed III - Washington Edition (PS3)

Assassins Creed III - Washington Edition (PS3)

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Assassin´s Creed III -peli + kaikki pelin DLC-laajennukset

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This special edition includes the Hidden Secrets Pack, the Battle Hardened Pack, and the Tyranny of King Washington add-on.
The Hidden Secrets Pack includes The Lost Mayan Ruins, The Ghost of War, and A Dangerous Secret missions. Also included are pre-order exclusive content including the Sawtooth Cutless, Pontiac War Club, and Flintlock Musket, two single-player costumes (the Captain of the Aquila and the Colonial Assassin), and two multiplayer characters (the Redcoat and the Sharpshooter).
The Battle Hardened Pack includes multiplayer characters ... the Governor, Highlander and Coyote Man. The Charlestown, Fort St-Mathieu and Saint Pierre multiplayer maps are also bundled.
The Tyranny of King Washington is a singleplayer add-on that will give players a new story involving George Washington´s reign over America.