Dynasty Warriors 2 (PS2)
  • Dynasty Warriors 2 (PS2)

Dynasty Warriors 2 (PS2)

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Every now and then, certain genres of computer game make a comeback and we all nod and remember the good old days.

Dynasty Warriors 2 brings back the halcyon days of the sideways scrolling beat ´em up, updated for the new millennium and with spiffy new 3-D-graphics, but at heart it´s the same bloodthirsty gorefest we all knew and loved on the eight-bit consoles.

It has to be said from the off that this is a one-track game. The basic premise is that the player, taking on the guise of one of a number of feudal Japanese warlords, must lead an army of brave warriors into battle, dicing with the opposition as they go. The armies are staffed with the usual collection of cannon fodder with a variety of captains and other senior leaders thrown in for good measure.

There´s a vain attempt at introducing strategy into the mix by allowing the player to stop the action and peruse a battlefield map to see how just far their forces have advanced, but in truth the player´s army are a bit lily-livered and seem to leave all the fighting to the boss.

Graphics are very high quality and as your chosen warlord spins and charges into the fray there´s a real sensation of the high splendour of ancient Japanese warfare, but what leaves the experience a little flat is the distinct lack of moves which can be executed with the supplied battle sword.

Aside from a couple of aerial moves there are really only half a dozen hacks and slashes which may be applied to the soft flesh of the opposition, removing some of the potential enjoyment factor and the death sequences are beaten foes are a little too sanitised for most with the vanquished foe spinning around, screaming then fading out into the background.

That said, peel aside the superfluous layers and Dynasty Warriors is an excellent beat ´em up which combines all the best bits of the days of yore with the best console technology of the 21st century.

Gameplay is fluid and the addition of power-ups--collected after beating senior opponents or breaking open crates with your weapon--allow for quick saves, energy boosts and more, all serving to make this an enjoyable, if not very short-lived experience. --James Gordon