Harvest Fishing (DS) (CIB)
  • Harvest Fishing (DS) (CIB)

Harvest Fishing (DS) (CIB)

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Käytetty Nintendo DS peli. Ikäraja: sallittu

Harvest Fishing is a fishing simulation game aim at young Nintendo DS owners. Reminiscent of the Harvest Moon pick-up-and-play style, the unique fishing mechanic uses the Touch Screen for all gameplay. The multiplayer function offers fishing tournaments via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for up to four players.

As your sister falls into an endless sleep, you must journey through rivers, swamps, ponds and hidden fishing spots in search of the River King. Being the biggest fish in the river, it is he who holds the secret to her mysterious slumber. But don´t worry because you´re not alone in this adventure. Make friends with the magical creatures of Mystic Valley and a host of colourful characters to unlock their special abilities to help you along your way.