Feast 3 - The Happy Finish (2008) (DVD)
  • Feast 3 - The Happy Finish (2008) (DVD)

Feast 3 - The Happy Finish (2008) (DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Kesto: 1 h 14 min. Ikäraja: 18
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The slaughter continues as the survivors make their last stand against the man-eating mutants from the desert, and a few new friends join in on the fight. The Biker Queen, the Bartender, and Lightning the wrestler are fighting for their lives when hope appears in the form of a knife-wielding karate kid and a mysterious stranger with the ability to control the ravenous beasts. But the horror isn´t over yet, because these creatures aren´t going down without a fight.

Ohjaaja: John Gulager

Näyttelijät: Clu Gulager,Martin Klebba,Diane Goldner,Jennifer Wade