She Gods Of Shark Reef (DVD)
  • She Gods Of Shark Reef (DVD)

She Gods Of Shark Reef (DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Kesto: 1 h 2 min. Ikäraja: 7
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Two brothers escaping from the police on a boat are ship-wrecked on an island. It appears that the only other inhabitants are a group of women who make a living diving for pearls. A shark cult that sacrifice the women to the sharks that surround the island make getting off the island more difficult that it appears. Bill Cord ... Chris, alias Christy Johnston Don Durant ... Jim, alias Lee Johnston Lisa Montell ... Mahia Jeanne Gerson ... Queen Pua Carol Lindsay ... One of the Hula Dancers Written by Robert Hill and Victor Stoloff Directed by Roger Corman

Ohjaaja: Roger Corman

Näyttelijät: Bill Cord,Lisa Montell,Don Durant