Phantom Of The Opera (1998) (DVD)
  • Phantom Of The Opera (1998) (DVD)

Phantom Of The Opera (1998) (DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Kesto: 1 h 40 min. Ikäraja: 16
Tekstitykset: suomi,ruotsi

Mysteriously, a series of terrifying accidents and brutal murders leaves a bloody body trail in the subterranean caverns of an opera house basement. Born into the murky sewer waters below the theater stalks a man/monster raised by creatures of the underworld. This Phantom’s dark and grotesque life is shattered when he becomes obsessed with a beautiful young singer, seducing her with his chilling but exotic presence...

Ohjaaja: Dario Argento

Näyttelijät: Asia Argento,Julian Sands,Andrea Di Stefano,John Pedeferri,Nadia Rinaldi,Coralina Cataldi Tassoni,István Bubik,Zoltan Barabas,Lucia Guzzardi,Aldo Massasso,Gianni Franco,Massimo Sarchielli,David D´Ingeo,Kitty Kéri,Leonardo Treviglio