Man Who Loved Women (1978) (DVD)
  • Man Who Loved Women (1978) (DVD)

Man Who Loved Women (1978) (DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Ikäraja: 7
Tekstitykset: englanti

Francois Truffaut is at the top of his form in this whimsical, lively story about an eccentric casanova who loves every woman he meets. Bertrand Morane (Charles Denner) is a ladies´ man like no other. Wholly obsessed with the female species, he goes to outrageous lengths for the prospect of a fleeting romantic encounter. But when he documents all of his passionate flings in a racy autobiography, he piques the interest - both personally and professionally - of a beautiful and provocative editor named Genevieve (Brigitte Fossey). And as the two begin to play the game of proverbial predator and prey, Bertrand is surprised to discover that he might just be the one who gets trapped... by true love

Ohjaaja: François Truffaut

Näyttelijät: Nathalie Baye,Nelly Borgeaud,Brigitte Fossey,Charles Denner,Jean Daste,Leslie Caron,Geneviève Fontanel,Valérie Bonnier,Sabine Glaser,Henri Agel,Chantal Balussou,Nella Barbier,Anne Bataille,Martine Chassaing,Ghylaine Dumas