My Fair Lady (Special Edition) (1964) (2 DVD)
  • My Fair Lady (Special Edition) (1964) (2 DVD)

My Fair Lady (Special Edition) (1964) (2 DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Kesto: 2 h 46 min. Ikäraja: sallittu
Tekstitykset: suomi

Audrey Hepburn stars as Eliza Doolittle, a cockney flowergirl in Victorian London whom snobbish phonetics professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) is challenged to transform into a sophisticated lady convincing enough to fool a smart society gathering. As their two cultures collide there are inevitably clashes - straightforward Eliza doesn’t understand the Professor’s reserved, rude manner, while he sees her more as a project than a person. But the Professor’s experiment almost works too well when the reformed Eliza attracts the romantic attention of charming aristocrat Freddie Eynsford-Hill (Jeremy Brett). Can Professor Higgins meet this challenge and overcome his stuffy bachelor manner to express his love for the former flowergirl before he loses her to another suitor?

Ohjaaja: George Cukor

Näyttelijät: Rex Harrison,Jeremy Brett,Audrey Hepburn,Gladys Cooper,Wilfrid Hyde-White,Stanley Holloway