Space Cowboys (2000) (DVD)
  • Space Cowboys (2000) (DVD)

Space Cowboys (2000) (DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Kesto: 2 h 5 min. Ikäraja: 12
Tekstitykset: suomi,ruotsi

They were the bravest, boldest and fastest test pilots, ready to serve their country as the first Americans in space when they were cruelly pushed aside and a chimpanzee got the honour. The team retired, but the dream of going into space never died. Now, over four decades later, Team Daedalus is back in action and the dream is alive. When an ageing Russian satellite suffers a systems failure that could be catastrophic, there is only one team who can save the day. Space Cowboys is a tale of grit, guts and glory, as the maverick astronauts finally get the chance to go into space. The heroic challenge has arrived. Let the countdown begin.

Ohjaaja: Clint Eastwood

Näyttelijät: Clint Eastwood,Donald Sutherland,William Devane,Tommy Lee Jones,James Garner,Blair Brown,Marcia Gay Harden,Courtney B. Vance,James Cromwell,Rade Serbedzija,Loren Dean,Barbara Babcock,Nils Allen Stewart,Jay Leno,Deborah Jolly