Vampire Princess Miyu - Vol. 6: The Last Shinma (DVD)
  • Vampire Princess Miyu - Vol. 6: The Last Shinma (DVD)

Vampire Princess Miyu - Vol. 6: The Last Shinma (DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Ikäraja: 12
Tekstitykset: englanti

Episode 22: Once Upon a Time
We’re back in the Taisho era. Unaware of her true identity, Miyu is living as a normal girl with her mother. The stray Shinma tribe Tonbi is lurking in the shadows, plotting to kill Miyu off before she awakens as a guardian ...

Episode 23: Confrontation
In the middle of summer in Tokyo, people are dying mysteriously covered in ice. Miyu discovers that the victims are all in fact stray Shinmas, and instinctively attributes the killings to Reiha. But why has Reiha suddenly embarked on a Shinma hunt in this manner?

Episode 24: The Boy Who Returned
Not being able to adapt to high school life, the solitary Tokiya visits Hokkaido to heal his wounded heart. There, at a marsh, he encounters a golden bird who bestows on him the power of Shinma. Tokiya returns to the streets of Tokiwadai as an assassin with the mission of killing Miyu. Miyu recognizing his true motive at once, confronts him ...

Episode 25: The Last Shinma
The birds are after Miyu’s life. After they send in their best Shinma to Tokiwa Gakuen, they force Miyu to vanish in order to protect her friends from becoming involved. However, the birds find an unexpected way to deprive Miyu of her powers and Miyu must now reveal her true identity to Chisato and the others ...

Episode 26: The Eternal Sleep
Miyu is struggling in her fight against the last Shinma. Larva tries to help her, but is trapped in an unknown space and confronted by the bird Shinma, Shidon ...

Ohjaaja: Toshiki Hirano