Ultimate Fighting Championship (Dreamcast)( CIB)
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship (Dreamcast)( CIB)

Ultimate Fighting Championship (Dreamcast)( CIB)

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What do you get when you cross boxing, Aikido, Greco-Roman wrestling, and more than 25 other fighting styles? If you answered Ultimate Fighting Championship, you´re correct (if you answered by cowering under a desk, we don´t blame you). This is not some soap opera of thrown chairs and unrealistic moves. Two fighters and a referee enter the Octagon--the UFC´s caged, eight-sided ring--where the fighters meld martial-arts styles to receive points for hits, holds, and take-downs.

Ultimate Fighting Championship features over 20 of the top UFC fighters with their specific moves and likenesses. You´ll string 3,000 moves and 1,200 combos into devastating attacks. Training mode allows you to learn the martial-arts discipline or combine moves of different schools.