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Crow, The (Special Edition) (2 DVD)
  • Crow, The (Special Edition) (2 DVD)

Crow, The (Special Edition) (2 DVD)

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Used DVD. Age rating: 18
Subtitles: no / not known

Devil’s Night: for rock star Eric Draven and his girlfriend Shelley, the night they meet their brutal demise at the hands of the inner city’s most notorious characters. Exactly a year later, Eric is brought back to life and granted the powers of superhuman strength and vision in order that he may seek vengeance on those who killed him - all under the watchful eye of a mysterious crow. One by one Eric seeks out the gang, who are out for another evening of mayhem and violence, unaware of the fate that awaits them.

Director: Alex Proyas

Actors: Brandon Lee,Ernie Hudson,Michael Wincott