Waterworld (1995) (HD DVD)
  • Waterworld (1995) (HD DVD)

Waterworld (1995) (HD DVD)

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New HD DVD. Running time: 2 h 15 min. Age rating: 12
Subtitles: finnish,english,swedish

Kevin Costner’s soggy sci-fi adventure is set on a future Earth covered with water. Humans have to survive on makeshift floating cities, although some of them are determined to find their planet’s equivalent of an oasis: ’Dryland’. Only the young Enola knows the secrets of this mythical place, and she becomes a pawn in the power struggle between the Mariner (Kevin Costner) and his evil nemesis Deacon (Dennis Hopper).

Director: Kevin Reynolds

Actors: Kevin Costner,Dennis Hopper,Jeanne Tripplehorn,Michael Jeter,Tina Majorino