Kelkkajengi (Cool Runnings) (DVD)
  • Kelkkajengi (Cool Runnings) (DVD)
  • Kelkkajengi (Cool Runnings) (DVD)

Kelkkajengi (Cool Runnings) (DVD)

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Used DVD. Age rating: exempt
Subtitles: finnish

You´ll love Cool Runnings - the outrageously funny comedy hit inspired by the true story of Jamaica´s first Olympic bobsled team. They were four unlikely athletes with one impossible dream. Now, with the help of an ex-champion as their coach, four Jamaicans leave their sunny island home and enter the chilly winter Olympics to compete for the gold in a sport they no nothing about - bobsled racing! Finding the courage in each other to give it their all, they meet the challenge, and soon become heroes - taking the whole world along for the ride! You´ll be cheering long and loud for this unlikely team in this feel-good comedy hit!

Director: Jon Turteltaub

Actors: John Candy,Doug E. Doug,Malik Yoba,Bill Dow,Raymond J. Barry,Leon,Peter Outerbridge,Rawle D. Lewis,Paul Coeur,Larry Gilman,Charles Hyatt,Winston Stona,Bertina Macauley,Pauline Stone Myrie,Kristoffer Cooper