Vampire Princess Miyu - Vol. 2: Haunting (DVD)
  • Vampire Princess Miyu - Vol. 2: Haunting (DVD)

Vampire Princess Miyu - Vol. 2: Haunting (DVD)

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Used DVD. Running time: 1 h 40 min. Age rating: 12
Subtitles: english

Reiha Has Come
Enter Reiha! Miyu has competition when an ice demon named Reiha comes into the picture. Can this cold hearted child come to terms with the path that Miyu has chosen? Watch as Reiha challenges Miyu to solve the disappearance of a man and his daughter.

Sepia Colored Portrait
The past comes back to haunt the movie going public. Shadows and light clash in a sepia hue. Can the Shinma be involved with this film of yesteryear? Miyu will need more than just her flame to edit this evil piece of cinema.

Ghost Of Miyu
If that wasn’t enough, Miyu has to go up against... herself???!! Seems someone or something has a few things in common with Miyu. Namely her looks. What is a vampire princess to do when it boils down to fight to the finish with a doppleganger?

Siblings with strange powers confront Miyu. A voice guides them, but is this the voice of reason? Reiha steps in and reaches a resolve with a blizzard chilling lack of emotion. Miyu may be left out in the cold with the outcome of this fight.

Director: Toshiki Hirano