Rambo - The Ultimate Blu-Ray Collection  (1982) (4 Blu-ray)
  • Rambo - The Ultimate Blu-Ray Collection  (1982) (4 Blu-ray)

Rambo - The Ultimate Blu-Ray Collection (1982) (4 Blu-ray)

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Used Blu-ray. Running time: 8 h 9 min. Age rating: 18
Subtitles: english

John Rambo takes out his enemies with extreme prejudice in FIRST BLOOD, RAMBO - FIRST BLOOD PART 2, RAMBO 3, and RAMBO.
In FIRST BLOOD, a police chief arrests and harasses a vagrant, former Vietnam war hero John Rambo. Rambo escapes his captors and wages a one man war against the corrupt police force in nearby mountains.
In RAMBO - FIRST PLOOD PART 2, John Rambo’s mission is to locate American P.O.W’s in Vietnam. His orders: do not engage the enemy. But double-crossed and behind enemy lines he must get out any way he can. No man, no law, no war can stop him!.
In RAMBO 3, John Rambo has gone to live a life of seclusion in an old Buddhist monastery, searching for inner peace. When friend and mentor Col. Trautman visits to ask for his help in a secret mission in Afghanistan, Rambo declines, preferring a life of serenity. Trautman goes it alone and is captured by the enemy. Rambo must now set out to bring his old friend back to safety.
RAMBO sees John Rambo living like a hermit and wrangling rattlesnakes in Thailand. He’s drawn back into the action by a group of missionaries who want the Vietnam vet to ferry them upriver into Burma. But when the group of idealists gets captured by the Burmese army, it’s up to Rambo and a team of multinational mercenaries to save the day.

Directors: Ted Kotcheff,Sylvester Stallone,Peter MacDonald,George Pan Cosmatos

Actors: Sylvester Stallone,Brian Dennehy,David Caruso,Steven Berkoff,Richard Crenna